GoldKar 3.0

GoldKar is a program that will let you play MIDI-KAR files
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GoldKar is a program that will let you play MIDI-KAR files.
KAR are special MIDI files that display the lyrics of a song, while playing the song through the computer´s MIDI device of your computer´s sound card. It is widely used in Karaoke shows and private parties, to allow contestants to sing the songs whose track is being played, and the lyrics will be displayed on the screen. The lyrics should be sung at the exact moment they are highlighted.

This program allows you to create a playlist using KAR files saved into any folder in your drives. These playlists can be saved under the program´s proprietary format, GKL, for later usage. It is also possible to import Van Basco´s playlists. By double-clicking on any entry of the playlist, you will initiate the playing of the related song. The program will show the lyrics in its main window, as well as a console which lets you modify the levels for each MIDI instrument. You can even turn off any of the instruments, modify the general volume level and even add a piano. The "Tracks" window will graphically show you how each instrument is used.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • Free
  • Very easy to use


  • Sometimes it is difficult to quit the program
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